27. September 2023

Texas Passes Law Granting Right to Use Crypto: A Historic Moment

• Texas legislators have voted to add digital currency to the state’s Bill of Rights
• The amendment grants individuals the right to use digital currencies like Bitcoin for trading
• The addition is intended to invoke the 9th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which recognizes the existence of natural rights beyond those explicitly listed in the first eight amendments.

Texas Votes To Add Crypto To State’s Bill Of Rights

Texas lawmakers have voted on Wednesday, May 10th, to amend the state’s Bill of Rights and add a provision recognizing the right of individuals to possess, retain and utilize digital currencies. This decision was made through Bill HJR 146 introduced by State Representative Giovani Capriglione and passed with 139 votes in favor and only two against.

What Is Included In The Amendment?

The amendment declares that individuals have the right to use a medium of exchange that is mutually agreed upon, which includes digital currencies like Bitcoin (BTC), cash, coin, bullion or scrip, for trading and contracting goods and services; and that this right cannot be violated. It also states that no government shall prohibit or hinder the ownership or holding of any form or quantity of money or other currency.

Why Was This Amendment Added?

The main objective behind adding this clause into Texas’s Bill of Rights is so as to make a case in federal judiciary courts which will invoke the 9th Amendment to U.S Constitution – stating that there are other natural rights beyond those mentioned in first eight amendments. Tom Glass who established Texas Constitutional Enforcement group further explained on Thursday, May 11th that for this amendment to pass it still requires one more House vote before proceeding onto Senate and then finally a vote from people themselves.

What Are The Implications Of Such An Amendment?

This amendment could potentially grant Texans accessprivilegeaccessprivilege privilegeprivilegeaccessprivilege accessprivilege privilegeto utilize digital currencies like Bitcoin (BTC) without legal repercussions from either state or federal authorities – allowing them freedom in using cryptocurrency for trading goods & services without fear of legal ramifications.


In conclusion, Texas legislators have taken an unprecedented step towards crypto adoption – by voting on May 10thto incorporate digital currency into their state’s Bill Of Rights – granting citizens protection when utilizing cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC). Furthermore, this move is an attempt at invoking U.S Constitution’s ninth amendment which recognizes other natural rights besides those listed in first eight amendments; thus making it easier for future lawsuits involving cryptocurrency usage within various jurisdictions across United States.